Thursday, June 5, 2014

ECCO launched LAGOON hydrophilic coo-Cheap Wholesale Clothin

The spring and summer of this year, ECCO announced the launch of LAGOON hydrophilic cool series, the highlight is have a pending patent in the drainage system, lack of this performance makes the shoes can effectively make up the general shoes and drainage capacity, so as to realize the comprehensive function of various outdoor shoes. LAGOON hydrophilic cool design features are quick drying series. Its unique integrated vents,Cheap Wholesale Clothing, letting the water easily through, while ensuring the wearer in sand, gravel and vexing stone fragments walking safety. When your adventure in lakes, rivers and seas, it can provide sufficient protection for your foot. The shoes with rubber pad use polyurethane with buffer function bottom and a compact, on wet roads can also provide you with excellent grip.
The shoes have the following additional features:
 open mesh structure -- 360 ventilation effect, comparable to the sandals of permeability, provide good climate control.
 speed dry shoes -- to ensure that activities in the process of a comfortable and smooth
 perforated footbed -- promoting drainage
 quick lacing Design -- increased convenience and comfort
 anatomy type set end -- the insole can provide support
"Because we have direct injection leading global ', forming one' technology,Cheap Nike Lebron 11, so we in the development of each component will make all-out efforts." ECCO sports chief designer Andrzej Bartie Bikowski said, "so on land and water we can provide a rapid drainage of the environment in the shoes, dry and protection provided for you."
In addition,Cheap Air Jordan 12 Retro, the shoe also has the characteristics of smooth, flexible, lightweight and cool. LAGOON hydrophilic cool series will serve as a spring / summer 2014 section listing, and provide a series of bright color and fashion for men and women to choose.

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