Thursday, May 22, 2014

Superman gorgeous boots NIKESPORTSWEA-supreme nike foamposit

Lunar Force 1 and Air Hyperflight has focused the world 's attention strength.
Rained long shot ; lightning kinds dunk ; dribble under tight defense - these are quality sports "Superman &quot,supreme nike foamposite; who has.
"Superman " series fully demonstrated Kevin Durant lightning speed , Kobe Bryant Black Mamba unparalleled insight and like LeBron James diamond-like tenacity , Nike and order to these three players they have " super power " salute . Nike Air Hyperflight series and Nike Lunar Force 1 were designed and introduced these three players have echoes of color, while the two shoes will also lightweight shoe concept to the limit.
Hyperflight designer Eric Avar ( Eric silk gauze watts ) recalled that he and Bill Bowerman ( Bill Pullman Yun ) of that meeting , there is a key issue that he remembered : "You have to be able to design these shoes lighter yet ? "Air Hyperflight in 2001 a launch would create a history ,Cheap Jordans, this is the first high-performance dual- running traditional idea of creating the Nike basketball shoes , making each one as if the wearer has a " Superman " -like speed .
Lunar Force 1 based on the same concept but create light by using Nike Lunarlon cushioning system and Hyperfuse structure greatly reduces the weight of shoes ,Cheap Air Jordan 12 Retro, but also greatly enhance the comfort and breathability. In the end, both a super- super- stylish look with comfort sneakers emerged.

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