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AIR JORDAN XX9-nike air yeezy for sale

As technological innovation and craftsmanship pioneers , Jordan Brand released today in New York, the long-awaited Air Jordan XX9. In the past, each pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes have gained great success , Air Jordan XX9 is the world's first dual to "fly" tailored shoes. By publishing this year's Air Jordan XX9, Jordan brand continued commitment to technological innovation and fashion into the actual design of basketball shoes , the best combat equipment for the world's greatest players .
The annual Air Jordan Jordan brand new conference will become a platform for consumers to enhance combat capabilities basketball shoe styles and expectations . Since 1985 , Jordan Brand launched the most high-end products in both combat the latest innovations debut , including the visibility of air AJ III , AJ XI carbon fiber material, and AJ XX8 of FlightPlate technology.
Air Jordan XX9 same use of two innovative technologies: an upgraded version of FlightPlate technology and unprecedented functionality woven uppers. This design will make every player feel when wearing shoes like a particularly tailored according to his feet .
Jordan Brand President Larry Miller (Larry Miller) said , Jordan Brand broke the recent release of new practices in February this year, released Air Jordan XX9 in April , listed in September , is to make the beginning of the new basketball season time closer .
 Larry Miller (Larry Miller) said: "We have only one mission , is to provide our athletes the best real product , whether it is high school or elite players championship of professional players will be Air Jordan listing . time to change to autumn , you can ensure that players from around the world at the time of preparation for the new season , with the best features and styles to enjoy the product . "
Air Jordan XX9 Detailed
Air Jordan XX9 using the world's first functional woven uppers. Jordan design team drew inspiration from the world's greatest Italian craftsmen to create a stable framework to support internal and external abrasion resistance combined with comfort uppers . Through the most advanced weaving machines , Jordan design team found that they could provide the perfect combination of all four major elements in a single layer material for shoes.
"In the past , we 've got shoes inspiration from many places : everything from aircraft to motorcycles, etc. Along the way , we have created some very interesting design , " Nike's vice president of creative Tinker Hatfield ( Tinker Hatfield) said. "This year , our inspiration and self- challenge is to create the best real history of basketball shoes , and now I think the Air Jordan XX9 knit uppers and functionality to achieve our vision ."
Functional knit uppers with excellent abrasion resistance as well as a brand new look. Flight Web to create a shoe fit the overall system architecture and fit , while more robust and better elastic support plate design is a natural rhythm to enhance the effect . Since no multi-layer design and bonding technologies , this shoe super breathable lining , like socks in general, brings exceptional comfort. Flight Web laminating system utilizes a mesh strip wrapped feet, and combined with the laces one, bring superior midfoot lock function , to achieve synchronization with the athletes sport shoes . Flight Web knit uppers enhanced bonding system, and double durable hard landing of the heel helps reduce the impact force . Hinged to the shoe pad of the neck of the shoe to increase end , exclusive feel and helps prevent sliding heel .
Air Jordan XX9 also uses the latest generation of FlightPlate technology. Pebax plate by using a buffer , an improved version of FlightPate technology can control every explosive off the energy output and maximize energy recovery , the front and rear foot Nike Zoom Air maximize responsiveness . The buffer board can control the compression Nike Zoom Air cushioning unit and deformation ,nike air yeezy for sale, provide the best features of a larger location . In this year's shoe , the forefoot and heel by a bridge -shaped outsole connected , allowing the heel to toe transition smoother power .
Production process
Air Jordan XX9 made of high quality materials and innovative technology made the introduction of more sophisticated technology , creating a signature version of the Jordan brand shoes feature a precedent to guide the development direction for the brand's other shoes . To pay tribute to the birth of the brand's high-quality products for many years , Air Jordan XX9 using the Italian production process, including the Thunder players Russell Westbrook (Russell Westbrook) , including early testers said that this technology creatively to enhance the standards of comfort and fit .
" We always listen to the views of the athletes : Whether you are a center or a point guard , you can get like tailored specifically for you like a snug fit ," Jordan brand footwear , vice president and head of Dave Scheck special (Dave Schechter) said. "We have been trying to ensure that our athletes wearing Jordan brand sneakers to play,Jordan Wholesale Cheap, not only can play the best individual performance , and can eliminate the interference , we believe , Air Jordan XX9 is an incredible basketball shoes, like to bring order comfort , which is not only extremely lightweight , breathable , and can wrap your feet ,Cheap Kobe Shoes Sneakers for sale, giving you plenty of control . "
Preparing for the game
Is committed to helping athletes at the stadium fly combat capabilities are core values of Jordan brand . While most signature shoe for athletes foot endorsement tailored , but Air Jordan will provide the amount of foot custom-made for each customer feel valued . Stay tuned for Jordan Brand athletes in the next game to witness this shoe excellence in key stages of the game .

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