Friday, March 28, 2014


Shock respond,amazing comfort
JORDAN TRUE FLIGHT heritage MICHAEL JORDAN basketball shoes,nike yeezy 2 online, men's basket ball and the legendary spirit of inspiration,flat play of the trapeze lines domineering beauty total interpretation. Quality boots with leather uppers designed apt bring unprecedented sense of stability and locking,advanced scientific plus scientific strength makes it the final meaning,to help your feet as razor-like slit opponents barricade
JORDAN TRUE FLIGHT men's basketball shoes equipped with entire palm AIR cushion designed because take-off,airfield and other court deed crisis stop and cater reliable maintenance even amid the face of accessory intense confrontation today when the war namely still proficient to support you find one; big hard rubber base lines combined with the word,merely also promote the flexibility essential to transfer the foot clutch.
Floor leather,Cheap Lebron Shoes, leather plus cloth alignment upper,Cheap Jordans, comfort
Combined with perforated mesh tongue side of the boot diagram enhance internal atmosphere propagation
Dynamic diagram of the boots eligible perfectly wrapped feet
PHYLON among the kill lightweight cushioning
Abrasion rubber outsole combines word lines, superior grasp performance

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


KOBE 8 system will melt in a cutting-edge strength - Perfect unparalleled speed, accuracy , insight and comprehensiveness of the Bryant and pitch your extraordinary detonated unstoppable force . KOBE 8 system consists of Eric Avar of Nike sports shoes creative director of product design team to lead the effort to build elite , combined with Bryant 's strong desire for new boots - to help low and can have a pair of shoes to adapt to fast play , the ultimate sense of lightness make boots and feet truly " boots foot -one ," zero negative sense superfluous subversive imagination.
Ma was specially built KOBE 8 YOTH system uppers color oriental cavalry costumes for inspiration, and the seams on the sole pattern Yu Jian added a weapon ,jordan flight 23 rst low, the Kobe Bryant basketball spirit and a perfect fusion of traditional Chinese culture , but also a symbol Bryant perilous nature of offensive and defensive capabilities. Body of the shoe with a whole piece of shining bright blue shiny gems and gold soles and laces SWOOSH logo , highlighting Bryant invincible, invincible in combat .
KOBE 8 system has innovative woven mesh material Engineered Mesh uppers for feet bonded together to create a foot feeling , the ultimate lightweight and breathable 360 all-round better provide all the flexibility required to bend the foot . Seamless synthetic preparation of tongue and body of the shoe to provide support forces in fierce competition .
Full length Lunarlon midsole system combines a sense of lightness , shock resistance, and low sense of stability to help construct four advantages ; XDR rubber outsole engraved with classic herringbone pattern of bone and snake scales totem , maximizing the material to achieve a reduction of more than light wear resistance and superior grip ,Cheap Air Jordan 12 Retro, 3D structures such as skin -like fit upper leg ,Nike Lebron 11 Shoes, more 100% reliable locking feet.
Seamless woven synthetic uppers and shoes are reliable support feet
Engineered Mesh uppers to provide excellent fit of the feet , a sense of lightness and 360 breathability
Minimalist synthetic tongue foam support material to reduce weight while bringing comfort and fit Jiaogan
Lightweight Phylon support plate to bring comfort and stability feelings
Glass fiber composite trays in the foot , providing excellent resistance to twisting of the foot and support
XDR rubber outsole for lightweight wear, superior grip
3D structure heel stabilizer bring extraordinary fit of sense and excellent foot lock.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nike x Undercover Gyakusou

Running namely the emotional skirmish among two opposing , Jun Takahashi comprehend this. Running namely joy and ache joy plus exhaustion,plus give up the game between the mallet Also carried out a revolution among the body and the morale Nike x Undercover Gyakusou 2014 Spring Series uses contrasting colors and materials , the use of visual effects apt express this " yin plus yang " concept,jordan 12 taxi,meanwhile incorporating the highest progressive performance shoes innovative technology, including Nike Sweat Map ventilation technology plus aspire apt construct runners a set against the harsh environment of the weapon.
Takahashi and Nike clothing creative design troop to maintain close cooperation forever have access to the latest technology associated research body password . Under the guidance of our body temperature distribution ( a diagnostic technique among the form of a blueprint depicting temperature changes ) , the use of Nike Sweat Map ventilation technology engineering jacquard woven with other materials with a tiny laser holes together This intricate interlace material with visual way of subtly reflects the temperature distribution of the human upper body meantime the temperature distribution amid the tall parts of the calories afterward penalty plus is easy to amass parts of ventilation holes can activity the persona The pattern of results amid the final men's Sweat Map Jacket jackets , Dri-FIT Sweat Map 3/4 Top coat and Dri-FIT Sweat Map in and female models Dri-FIT Sweat Map S / S Top coat surrounded In addition tights plus jacket Sweat Map ventilation system likewise simultaneously upgrading the performance benefits greatly enhanced.
The series of color and text color level chart entirely reflects this collision among emotions and the body meantime running . In the men's order urban gray tones dominated this season . Female models among the array into the neutral colors assorted shades blend with each additional plus occasionally be decorated with vary shades of constrictor prints. Also Dri-FIT Graphic Tees Tꁤalso expressed conflicts ( such for respect plus hate ) among alter emotions amongst words average the inverse.
These performance fabrics are too acclimate within additional styles of tops , such for men's Lightweight Jacket lightweight jackets and vests Dry-FIT Wide Tank plus female models Convertible Lightweight Jacket Lightweight Dri-FIT Tank jackets plus vests . The series likewise provides a set of functions Bottoms perfect combat gear " for the runners who . Men tin select Dri-FIT 5-Inch Woven Short shorts alternatively shorter ,nike yeezy 2 online, Dri-FIT Woven Raceday Short shorts with a lining plus Dri-FIT 3/4 Tights tights. Women tin choose unlined Dri-FIT Woven Raceday shorts and Dri-FIT Long Tights tights.
Jun aptitude shine afresh within shoes design,either sides of the Lunar Speed AXL materials with different color ambition the Chinese classical civilization of " yin and yang " concept embodied amid the brain The shoes lightweight breathable lace upper two-tone ,Jordan Wholesale Cheap, embellished with embossed leather constrictor merely among the abolish with a soft Lunarlon cushioning system . Rubber outsole with elastic groove enhance the grasp bring natural gait to amend running efficiency,meantime re-emphasized Jun perspectives : the battle in the running , runners forever emerge victor .
Nike x Undercover Gyakusou 2014 Spring Series ambition be on sale at designated stores amid mid- March .

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 Nike launched the all-star tribute to New Orleans unique...

All-Star Game want be formally launched Nike basketball this aim create 2014 NOLA GumboLeague Collection apt be held among New Orleans uncommon means welcome the order includes LEBRON eleven KOBE nine ELITE and KD VI. A bowl of gumbo soup (Gumbo) reflects the climate of New Orleans is a collection of humanities , arts styles and melody literacy diverse metropolis.
The so-called Eat Hot Tofu to cook a bowl of genuine okra soup (Gumbo) the absence because temperature ,Jordan Wholesale Cheap, seasoning and inspired grasp of the accustomed benefits . With okra soup (Gumbo) taste and movies
( Chinese translation free ) stories because inspiration, Nike boldly combines innovative technology elegant appreciation of traditional retro and New Orleans as the world's height basket ball players LeBron James , Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant cautiously created a excellent fashionable Orleans form boots .
LEBRON 11Gator King
LEBRON 11Gator King King estuary apt have known the terrible animal - Alligators chart inspiration, a daring expression of royalty and power . Crocodile , has forever been regarded as a temperament of New Orleans culture guard ,Cheap Wholesale Nike Air Max 2014, became the pattern throughout the body of the shoe chart Invisible luminous painted totem namely applied apt the surface Hyperposite architecture shines within the darkness Solemn meditation lavender green and gold with the use of the performance namely derived from the King of Carnival celebrations Rex.
KOBE 9Elite Maestro
Nike Basketball was nativity surrounded New Orleans,likewise nativity jazz tribute. Like the eminent jazz musicians playing instinctively , Kobe Bryant on the court also will exhibit alike improvisation. KOBE nine ELITE Maestro used for one emphasize color on the upper brass ,Cheap Nike Hoodies Sweatshirt, using luminous chart soles, accompanied onward action favor a jazz union commonly shine among the night playing . On the vamp , there are also designed with a odd luminous totem.
KD VIIllusion
In New Orleans,namely never everything and it 's the same in the first place glance . If Durant subvert the folk 's misconceptions of the almost 7 -foot man , his unrestricted scores range redefines folk because a striker understanding. To show Kevin Durant magic Smart character , hand-painted pattern on the upper Durant KD VI Illusion follow the flexibility to move among the field . Outsole also represents the luminous Kevin Durant sparks shine in the amphitheatre.
Like this the world's favorite metropolis according the same set of basketball skills global attention All-Star Game ambition be held aboard February 14 apt 16, 2009 among New Orleans. The release of Nike basketball leading graphic shoes with a special inner lining are : LEBRON eleven Gator King, KOBE 9 ELITEMaestro and KD VI Illusion; every pair of shoes to purchase a commemorative edition contains tarot cards, and with a special edition boot box packing .
2014 NOLA GumboLeague Collection aspiration take effect on February 15 , designated Nike retail stores and online store sale among the Greater China region .
Famously with New Orleans :! Laissez Les BonsTemps Rouler let the appealing times flowing immediately!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

PUMA launched to commemorate the Year of the Horse Takumi...

In 2014 the upcoming Lunar New Year of the Horse occasion PUMA launched the latest Takumi celebrate the 1st paragraph.
The array was made in Japan,Nike Lebron 11 Shoes, with the two maximum classical PUMA Suede Shoes and Suede Mid modeled, using the finest materials, the soft and pliable full grain horsehide shiny pony pelt,Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes,cautiously crafted along proficient craftsmen surrounded Japan afterward absolute current Tongue embroidered Chinese role because"nag heralded the coming annual success apt obtain the supreme reputation The array has a brown and black color procurable.
Memorial section of the Horse Takumi array of traditional Chinese civilization into PUMA classical shoes,jordan flight 23 rst low,plus called the perfect union of Eastern plus Western culture model Since 1968, the appointment of birth Suede, the shoes among the designer's detail design changing the tide shoes street civilization rules of the game.